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Done with his shift, Peppino rocks his blue outfit in honor of the blue hedgehog and is ready to go to SAGE2019! Sadly, he misread the location of the event and ended up at the Snick Amateur Game Expo, hosted by the much less famous Snick the porcupine... Trying to make the most of it, Peppino decides to stay to play the available games anyway.


  • 3 levels
  • Peppino wearing blue
  • Video games
  • An extra challenge for beating all of the levels
  • Shotguns
  • Cowboy Task
  • Pizza
  • Snick the porcupine
  • and not much more!

The game is still being worked on and is in an early stage, so a lot of things might change. We appreciate your feedback and ideas, which you can discuss with us on the Discord.
If you encounter any bugs, we would be glad if you reported them to our Discord too. If your controls get stuck somehow in the key configuration screen, you can press F1 to reset them to default.

Support the project on Patreon to help us make the game, follow us on Twitter for updates or join the Discord to check on the community!


PizzaTowerSAGE2019_v14.zip 254 MB

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Your game is amazing, This is literally warioland 4 but with an expanded moveset, I didn't think it was possible to improve an already perfect game. I also love your art style and animation.

very enjoyable game having a blast with it. i barley have any complains for it, other than some wierd choice to place enemies and forgettable movement opinions but other than that i hope this game becomes a hit.

Very good game but I want to play it on Linux he acts like Wario.

The games is very good, but...being able to remap keys would be a nice detail. I'm definitely following this game.

Ubuntu support plox


Very good game!Just a few questions.Will it be free when its out and will snick still be playable when relesed?


anyone having issues installing? I can't get it to work the file doesnt even appear in the download menu. just my location file.

great game, but i heard that other demos had different things in them, it would be cool if you could upload the major demos (like the halloween update and stuff  like that)


that demo was pretty amazing! and it reminded me of gex and wario world, this is like the perfect combination. when this comes out if its buy i WILL BUY IT!! 


When will this demo come out for Macbook Users? I've been trying to use Wine and CrossOver, but it isn't working. I've just updated to Catalina.

I want to buy this game, your demo sold me completely mister pizza man! The fluid weird nickelodeon-like animation with a butt-load of charm, and hectic yet fun as hell gameplay keeps drawing me back, I cant wait for the full release, godspeed :)

Awesome mix of Super Frog and Wario land 10/10

Best Wario Land game I ever played. Movement tech may be a bit too galaxy brained for me, I kept fat fingering down and up on the D-pad at moments when I had to dash and jump at precise moments. I don't think it's a big deal, if I were to practice the levels it might feel better over time, but I also mention it as it would never hurt to have alternate control schemes. I'm watching a gameplay video on the side of typing this and notice so many neat movement tricks. Even the taunt is useful in a way I didn't expect. As a person who works at a pizza kitchen with a blue uniform I highly approve. Hope you can customize his costume/color in the final product.

it does need better controller controls, but for now, I recommend keyboard

Honestly I think I just need more practice

You know what I would enjoy in this game?

After each level (the grade section), Peppino should write down the requirements as the requirements appear near him, and after he's done, he spins into the position and pose that he would give for that certain rank.

If you did that, I would personally play and record it. I love things like that.

Not sure about the game play yet (hasnt even finished downloading) but I absolutely adore Peppino's John K.-esque emotes.

Cool game! Reminds me of that one Wario game.

wario land 4?

This game is good, but, i was trying to find a download link to the older demos of this game, and i tried to download from itch.io, but, every time i try to download an older demo, i get automaticaly to the current link v14, what do i have to do to download the older versions except the SAGE version?

Last episode for now has been made

I can't download it. I'm using a macbook pro and when I try to download it, the Install part is blank while I can select a location for the install to go to.

Can it just not be done on mac or am I doing something wrong?


is this not on mac??? if it isnt im sad

Like i guess im not the only one having shader issues? Look my gfx card is really old and i cant update my directx it just doesnt let me. Also where could i download the noice soundtrack this game has? Ive seen Vinesauce play it so i heard it... And liked it.

The next video is made

Made another video

een waiting for the newer demo, now I can enjoy this masterpizza

Made a video


This is genuinely some pretty awesome stuff. I'm really looking forward to this game's release! One question, though. Any chance this game might come to Mac in the future?

This game is so good.

For some reason I can't get past the logo screen without this error popping up.I don't know what the problem is.I do have directx12 (the latest version),I downloaded it twice,but I don't know what's wrong with it. Can I get help with it please?

update DirectX

I have the latest one (Direct 12) and I Can't update it any further.

Good shit, been waiting for Nintendo to make their best platformer genre since Super Mario Sunshine.

Glad to see someone loves how much of a dumbass Wario is.

This is incredible. I've been waiting for a new wario platformer for years, and these controls already feel on par with any of the nintendo lead ones.

Love the animations too, there's so much character to them, but they still feel responsive and flow into eachother pretty naturally. 

This is absolutely gonna be a day one purchase for me. 

Gooooooood shit

my directx is 11 and even so it stays with the black screen.

Got stuck in the room where you have to run past the pizza press and the grabbing hand to get a topping in Factory Level. I'd like to have an option to "Save and quit", maybe, so I don't have to play through up to this point again (and I'm also not sure I know what to do there. Maybe the timing is too tough for me.

Really love the art style, nice oldskool cartoon with an attitude. Non-linear level are good too, though it appears I don't understand the mechanics to get into some places (like crawling through a tight passage against the conveyor belt).

Hello im having a bit of an issue, i keep getting a fatal error whenever i try to boot up the game. I do have directx12 and cant update any further can i get any help?


I have an error message as soon as I launch the game :/ 
here's the error screen: 

download direct x 9 or update your current direct x

Thanks! It worked

This game is amazing! Mostly for the very charming animations, but also it's just plain fun. Aye pisano I'm walkin' here!


HAHA the main character looks like Willi Tokarev

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