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Done with his shift, Peppino rocks his blue outfit in honor of the blue hedgehog and is ready to go to SAGE2019! Sadly, he misread the location of the event and ended up at the Snick Amateur Game Expo, hosted by the much less famous Snick the porcupine... Trying to make the most of it, Peppino decides to stay to play the available games anyway.


  • 3 levels
  • Peppino wearing blue
  • Video games
  • An extra challenge for beating all of the levels
  • Shotguns
  • Cowboy Task
  • Pizza
  • Snick the porcupine
  • and not much more!

The game is still being worked on and is in an early stage, so a lot of things might change. We appreciate your feedback and ideas, which you can discuss with us on the Discord.
If you encounter any bugs, we would be glad if you reported them to our Discord too. If your controls get stuck somehow in the key configuration screen, you can press F1 to reset them to default.

Support the project on Patreon to help us make the game, follow us on Twitter for updates or join the Discord to check on the community!


PizzaTowerSAGE2019_v14.zip 254 MB

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how do you play on co-op because i want to play with my friend from russian


will this be available for mac and Linux?

dunno. hopefully this game gets released for switch.

Is there some way for me to use a controller

i dont think so

Прям ОГОНЬ, все понравилось ;) 
Спасибо за труды! :)

i love this game and cant wait for what happens next!

Great game, Very challenging And very unique that you release a special edition of the game on events like halloween and christmas. Just did a video on some gameplay from Pizzascape and got A rank (didnt plan to get A rank lol)

k anyone who is reading this have a good day


Make With No Demo

Is Pizza tower coming to console

PSSSSSSSSH, No. Maybe. If it gets the Undertale treatment, then possibly.


The December demo comes out December 30th, from what I've heard. Patreon members can play it early, however.

I love the simplicity and smooth animation this game has to offer! The Soundtrack is amazing and the visuals are fun! Thanks for making this masterpiece!

I also made a video on the game:

When are you going to make a Linux download 

The Game will not work for me. whenever I download it the file errors out. I either can't move it to my desktop or I get a message that says "download error". I know its this download because I tried downloading something else and it worked fine. help!

This has the best pizza music i've ever heard in a pizzza game

Can you make some sort of mobile version?

Absolutely rad!

God, this game is amazing! I love this art style and music.

I love co-op version

Game is great! The one complaint I do have is that when the screen shakes you can see the background at the edges of the screen, which is not a major problem at all, and that the levels can sometimes look rather bland. But for a free demo that has been made during development, this is great.

co-op is patreon demo

Why is there no Co-op?

co-op is patreon exclusive

Well, that suck




0/10 NO CO-OP

co-op is patreon exclusive




This game is great

I tried the demo and it looks like alot of things have changed in a positive way I cant say anything that is negative really


this game just feels incredible to play. peppino, the lad you play as, is incredibly responsive and satisfying to control. you have so many movement options, and they're all super enjoyable and flow into eachother nicely. it's kind of an easy to learn, hard to master sort of thing. also, are you seeing these animations? come on. i'll definitely be keeping my eyes on this game's development, as i'd love to play an entire game's worth of it.

This is absolutely fantastic and there is a hell of a lot of content here for a demo!!! I'm definitely going to be revisiting this as it pleases my completionist side greatly!!

Dude,i want this game in Steam.
This game is great!

I Love this game. Keep up the amazing work.


Your game is amazing, This is literally warioland 4 but with an expanded moveset, I didn't think it was possible to improve an already perfect game. I also love your art style and animation.

very enjoyable game having a blast with it. i barley have any complains for it, other than some wierd choice to place enemies and forgettable movement opinions but other than that i hope this game becomes a hit.


Very good game but I want to play it on Linux he acts like Wario.

The games is very good, but...being able to remap keys would be a nice detail. I'm definitely following this game.

You can remap key

Ubuntu support plox


Very good game!Just a few questions.Will it be free when its out and will snick still be playable when relesed?

Snick is already playable, just beat the three levels and the snick challenge

i know that  but will he be in the future.....i think so


anyone having issues installing? I can't get it to work the file doesnt even appear in the download menu. just my location file.

great game, but i heard that other demos had different things in them, it would be cool if you could upload the major demos (like the halloween update and stuff  like that)


that demo was pretty amazing! and it reminded me of gex and wario world, this is like the perfect combination. when this comes out if its buy i WILL BUY IT!! 

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