A downloadable game for Windows

Done with his shift, Peppino rocks his blue outfit in honor of the blue hedgehog and is ready to go to SAGE2019! Sadly, he misread the location of the event and ended up at the Snick Amateur Game Expo, hosted by the much less famous Snick the porcupine... Trying to make the most of it, Peppino decides to stay to play the available games anyway.


  • 3 levels
  • Peppino wearing blue
  • Video games
  • An extra challenge for beating all of the levels
  • Shotguns
  • Cowboy Task
  • Pizza
  • Snick the porcupine
  • and not much more!

The game is still being worked on and is in an early stage, so a lot of things might change. We appreciate your feedback and ideas, which you can discuss with us on the Discord.
If you encounter any bugs, we would be glad if you reported them to our Discord too. If your controls get stuck somehow in the key configuration screen, you can press F1 to reset them to default.

Support the project on Patreon to help us make the game, follow us on Twitter for updates or join the Discord to check on the community!


PizzaTowerSAGE2019_v14.zip 254 MB

Development log


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controls are garbage, is there any way to change them? like seriously i cant enjoy the game because the controllers are so bad. edit: i found the way to change them

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how get co op

This was an amazing platformer!! I loved the animations for Peppino!

guys how do i get coop

is in a patreon build so u have to pay

amazing , good job Geoffrey


i like pizza

in patron i can only get level editor not coop

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Good game! Too bad I'm too poor to afford the Patreon build.


How do you get CO-OP?



Hello this game is really sick!
btw there is a movement u do with taunt aka like an attack how to do it ? 

If you're referring to super taunt, then all you need to do is taunt while you have a combo of 3 or higher.

Thank you so much man this helped me so much


how do you play the full version?

It's Still In Develoment So You cant Get The Full Game But If You Go To His Pateron You Can The A Newer Part Of The Game

still not finish yet but you can get Patreon Version


what happens when you go close to snick.exe in the main hub


don't worry, nothing scary happens.



Me Encanto el juego :D!!!! sin palabras,es una obra maestra.

es adictivo,divertido y aunque fue un proyecto para fans de wario,tiene potencial para juegos originales :D.

10/10 pd:si tubiera dinero y la edad los apoyaria :,c

sorry no speak english.

tuve que usar traductor/I had to use a translator

I love the game :D !!!! without words, it is a masterpiece.
It's addictive, fun, and even though it was a project for wario fans, it has potential for original games: D.
10/10 ps: if I had money and age would support them :,c

Actually good, i didnt expect this, btw how do you be Noise?


run around the fountain 2401 times



download demo 3 mod


where's the link?

the noise isn't available in SAGE but there are other mods you can play that have the noise 

lol you cant

He isn't playable in the SAGE Demo, at least not without modding.

There's another public demo with the Noise though, it's called Noise's Hardoween.

However, if you want to play with the updated version of Noise, you will have to pay at least 5 dollars to Pizza Tower Guy's patreon.

I always had noise's hardoween.


this is totally me when pizza


Plz make a version for android


someone tells me how to play in co op

support them on patreon


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Hello, I have played the game, and after completing the levels, and the challenge it had, after playing with the bonus character aka Snick, you unlock from completing the challenge and closing the game. Suddenly, it runs in the task manager but doesn't open up or pop up the game in a window like it usually would, but it is weirdly enough to run on my task manager. Not sure what is wrong, but everything is working fine and with DirectX installed too. Hoping this gets fixed ASAP, and also, the XMAS demos are acting up on my end. It could be because I am again using a 64-bit Windows desktop, but I want to make it out that the game does run but doesn't pop up or show in a window or even indicates the game period but shows it is running on the task manager. Also, I dig this game and can't wait to see what Pizza Tour comes out to be in the future, and with it even giving some massive homage to the WarioLand series even though its music in chime is super lovely. I totally would love to review Pizza Tower in the future when the game becomes finished, and if needing my Specs, then I can pass em along if required.

mucho texto (demasiado texto)


Amazing! Hoping for more soon!


It doesn't work on my computer....

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Love the game, keep up the good work.

Why is he Blue though? :O

it's the SAGE demo so he's wearing blue since sonic's blue

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isn't he blue in the other demo tho

EDIT: oh yeah nvm he was white

You do an amazing job as the momentum of the gameplay. I cant wait to see where this game goes.


i really love this game , but where a 2020 demo ?, and i want possible this coming to steam? 


i agree with you too


The art and design of this game is spectacular. Can't wait for the full version


its a good game but the thing is that the discord has alot of drama atleast when i go onto it so just a warning lmao

how can i get patreon builds?

go to his patreon and pledge $5 or more. I recommend pledging $10 for one month and then you will get the game for free at launch. You need to pledge by the start of next month so you won't have to wait.


plz make this available for mac


Ew mac xD


i wish i had windows

ptg or sertif would need to own a mac to do that.

Love it

I sure want to get patreon builds, but i dont know if i got the money to

5$ for access to the builds isn't too bad, and you should get it before august 1st so you don't have to wait too long as patreon payments go out on the first of every month

also what is on the Patreon Builds



hello mineken

new levels, a level creator, co-op

Deleted 257 days ago
Deleted 58 days ago

It's not an OC character, it's just a character.


he's working on it hard, you should check the pizza tower discord, PTG posts lots of behind the scenes stuff

yea i recommend you just lurk and not chat, a lot of the time theres drama going on in there

Deleted 113 days ago



Looks nice, i'll try it but feels... wierd.


Well Played it, Final Level (Will not Spoil) was too hard for me, and he can go waaaay too fast sometimes as well as making the grab move more intuitive.


i have directx 11 but i have some fatal error...


dude keep up!

this game is absurdely great!

Hey Friend. I've been following this project for a while, and I gotta say it's some pretty impressive work. I'm also curious to see how the development cycle is going for you in the face of all this, and if there may be a DRM free version of the game available in the future (like say on GOG or here on itch) Of course I'd be happy to give this title some support when it releases, but I'd just like to be informed on what my options may be. Again, I hope you're doing well in the face of these tough times, and I've definitely got this title on my radar. 

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