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snick.exe really scared me

lol this game is amazing. deff saving up for this one :)

it's a good game! theres some unfinished coop code in this build, so i tried finishing it! it works but player 2 is still broken. i will try to continue fixing it!


My parents beat me.

skill issue


When I was in 8th grade I played Yo Noid 2 everyday. I would download it onto the school computers where I would play weekly as far as I could before everything downloaded was wiped off over the night. When I was in 6th grade I played the first two wariolands on the 3ds. 

When I saw Pizza Tower's demo had come out 4 years ago, the thought "wow, looks like I'm the target demographic" came around, and then this was forgotten because I don't do vidya as much. Now it is time for Pizza Tower demo on my school computer in senior year.

full game


can't wait for the full game, i heard its actually almost here, i hope it gets fair attention

If i had enough money and a Patreon account i would support you on Patreon!


oh and it also gives you access to EXCLUSIVE BUILDS ONLY A PATREON CAN HAVE.



its cool

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10/10 game of the fucking year 2019 i got made to the controls now and the game is so goddamn easy to manipulate instead of being a complete pain in the ass. here are some cool screenshotshe da man peppino

he is now a mighty knight

moments before disaster peppino lost his fucking shotgun

i'm so excited for the final game

Bruh me too i hope the release date comes out because oh boy im pretty sure this game will be awesome!

the game will apparently realase in third quarter of this year, which is between june 1 (june 13 if you count when the latest demo came out) and september 30.


it was confirmed in the eggplant build trailer

epic gaming


Can we have this game on Linux too? After it's full release? Good game by the way. Wario is my childhood.

This works so good with joycons!


ever gonna finish or what?

according to a trailer they put out like a couple weeks ago it should be finished Q3 2022, they have a pretty recent demo build on the patreon too.


so many games who cares about something so far away

It's not really that far away, Q3 starts next month


ah i misread 2023, myb. ill check it out.



This is a real pizza game, none of that tomato sauce in a bread bowl.

pizza pasta put it in a box



unrelated but i made two noise furby taunts


these are wonderful

lol i like it

This game is great!

will there be any new demo or is sage the final demo?

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it works under linux with wine for the most part. I'm happy :)


I've missed wario land for a long time, and while this won't outright replace it, it's enough to scratch the itch. can't wait for full release.

Kudos, 9/10


It's actually kinda baffling how incredibly rare well-animated 2D platformers are. I am not aware of any games other than Earthworm Jim and Cuphead that put this sort of effort into it BUT I WANT THIS STUFF SO BAD IT'S MY ADDICTION

Is it a possibility that the game will have versions for Linux and MacOS, at least for the final release?

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Deleted 171 days ago

I played it on Linux with Wine, and it runs fine.

(Рус) Кто-то знает когда игра выйдет?

(ENG) Does anyone know when the game will be released?

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month late, but judging by the little I've seen of ptg's dev streams I'm pretty sure the game is nearing completion

If I had to give a rough estimate, I'd say the game will be done in around 3 or 4 months




Chill man, he said 3 or 4 months, we might have to wait another month. but it's probably almost done

That's true, but it's possible that it goes that extra month or more. Game development is in no way a snap.


anyone knows how to play as the noise?

Deleted post

Can't!! Noise is only really playable in the patreon demos.


theres demo noise hardoween. you can play as noise in this demo tho

if you mess with the game using undertale mod tool sure its possible

Why does it say It's risky to run?

It just means the publisher is uncertified/unknown, so don't worry about it.

I'll try to extract it.

I downloaded it again, Then it didn't say it's risky to run anymore


I like this game a lot great work! Keep it up  =)



pizza time

no pizza context

Deleted post



Ok uhhh soooo how do I change my controls?

In main menu

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in Options Menu via Title Screen

Nice game Why?:fun, music is good, Funny art style I gvie this game 10/10


I's snick you guys I swear! {srry for all the white space :(}

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controls are garbage, is there any way to change them? like seriously i cant enjoy the game because the controllers are so bad. edit: i found the way to change them

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why tf i said dumb lmao


how are the controls bad?

i would say because wasd and space are the norm

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how get co op

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Thank  you

This was an amazing platformer!! I loved the animations for Peppino!


guys how do i get coop


is in a patreon build so u have to pay

amazing , good job Geoffrey

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