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unrelated but i made two noise furby taunts

This game is great!

There is a great coverage about Pizza Tower on IndieWod. I recommend to all of you read it.

Rip Oregano Desert 2018-2022

will there be any new demo or is sage the final demo?

The last demo will be public.

Stay Tuned!


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it works under linux with wine for the most part. I'm happy :)


I've missed wario land for a long time, and while this won't outright replace it, it's enough to scratch the itch. can't wait for full release.

Kudos, 9/10


It's actually kinda baffling how incredibly rare well-animated 2D platformers are. I am not aware of any games other than Earthworm Jim and Cuphead that put this sort of effort into it BUT I WANT THIS STUFF SO BAD IT'S MY ADDICTION

Is it a possibility that the game will have versions for Linux and MacOS, at least for the final release?


cuz its currently in *wip state

*work in progress


Pizza Tower 2 leaked

(Рус) Кто-то знает когда игра выйдет?

(ENG) Does anyone know when the game will be released?

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month late, but judging by the little I've seen of ptg's dev streams I'm pretty sure the game is nearing completion

If I had to give a rough estimate, I'd say the game will be done in around 3 or 4 months




anyone knows how to play as the noise?

Deleted post

Can't!! Noise is only really playable in the patreon demos.


theres demo noise hardoween. you can play as noise in this demo tho

Why does it say It's risky to run?

It just means the publisher is uncertified/unknown, so don't worry about it.

I'll try to extract it.

I downloaded it again, Then it didn't say it's risky to run anymore


I like this game a lot great work! Keep it up  =)



pizza time

no pizza context

Deleted post



Ok uhhh soooo how do I change my controls?

In main menu

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in Options Menu via Title Screen

Nice game Why?:fun, music is good, Funny art style I gvie this game 10/10


I's snick you guys I swear! {srry for all the white space :(}

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controls are garbage, is there any way to change them? like seriously i cant enjoy the game because the controllers are so bad. edit: i found the way to change them

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why tf i said dumb lmao


how are the controls bad?

i would say because wasd and space are the norm

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how get co op

Deleted 363 days ago

Thank  you

This was an amazing platformer!! I loved the animations for Peppino!


guys how do i get coop


is in a patreon build so u have to pay

amazing , good job Geoffrey


i like pizza

in patron i can only get level editor not coop

kxb  n nck ndn  cn bdj hdvcbsscbsbcbsb cxsj

Good game! Too bad I'm too poor to afford the Patreon build.


How do you get CO-OP?




Hello this game is really sick!
btw there is a movement u do with taunt aka like an attack how to do it ? 


If you're referring to super taunt, then all you need to do is taunt while you have a combo of 3 or higher.


Thank you so much man this helped me so much


how do you play the full version?

It's Still In Develoment So You cant Get The Full Game But If You Go To His Pateron You Can The A Newer Part Of The Game

still not finish yet but you can get Patreon Version


what happens when you go close to snick.exe in the main hub


don't worry, nothing scary happens.



he gu OOOOGA BOOGA with a spoopy hyper realistic face of snick with hyper realistic ear wax and snot


Me Encanto el juego :D!!!! sin palabras,es una obra maestra.

es adictivo,divertido y aunque fue un proyecto para fans de wario,tiene potencial para juegos originales :D.

10/10 pd:si tubiera dinero y la edad los apoyaria :,c

sorry no speak english.

tuve que usar traductor/I had to use a translator

I love the game :D !!!! without words, it is a masterpiece.
It's addictive, fun, and even though it was a project for wario fans, it has potential for original games: D.
10/10 ps: if I had money and age would support them :,c

Actually good, i didnt expect this, btw how do you be Noise?


run around the fountain 2401 times




download demo 3 mod




where's the link?

the noise isn't available in SAGE but there are other mods you can play that have the noise 

lol you cant

He isn't playable in the SAGE Demo, at least not without modding.

There's another public demo with the Noise though, it's called Noise's Hardoween.

However, if you want to play with the updated version of Noise, you will have to pay at least 5 dollars to Pizza Tower Guy's patreon.

I always had noise's hardoween.


this is totally me when pizza


Plz make a version for android

you have to wait budd, seeing the twitch of him i think he will probably release the full game in 5 or 3 months

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